A special place in our work is allocated to the maintenance of automated houses. Our software works flawlessly. Problems can arise for various reasons: the lack of an Internet connection in the server room, poor-quality installation, equipment defects, incorrect network configuration and other problems. The application is an integral part of the overall system.  

Who maintains the facility and software?

1. Equipment

When automating an apartment building, a large number of different equipment is installed. Devices, especially in public areas, need constant care and maintenance. Upon delivery of the house, the construction company transfers all the equipment for service to the management company, which, in turn, enters into an agreement with the service organization. The cost of equipment maintenance is charged by the management company independently. Our company does not service equipment on-site, but we are always ready to diagnose problems and refer them for elimination.
For example:
The duties of the service company include such services as: checking the operability of intercoms, scheduled or unscheduled repairs, replacing equipment, maintaining a low-current network, maintaining general house CCTV cameras, and so on.

In the first few years after the delivery of the house, the management company can contact the developer if the reason for the malfunction or failure is a warranty case. The developer must eliminate the shortcomings.

2. Software

We carry out maintenance of the software ourselves. In the first year of operation, we do not charge for this due to the fact that commissioning at the facility is a long process. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of operation of the software ( application) in the offer agreement.

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Two tariffs for residents


$0/ per month

  • Viewing general house video cameras in the amount of 10 minutes per day.
  • Audio calls from intercom (call time limit up to 10 seconds, limit on the number of mobile devices that receive a call - 1 phone).
  • Readings of metering devices (at the moment), automatic sending of data in a property management company.
  • Number of user accounts per apartment (up to 2 people) .
  • Number of connected controllers per apartment (no service) .
  • License plate recognition is not available .
  • Face recognition not available.
Paid BOX+

$5 / per month

The amount indicated on the site does not include additional fees charged by banks, payment systems, marketplaces (Apple Store, Google Play Market). VAT is paid additionally.

  • Viewing video cameras (unlimited) .
  • Video call from intercom (unlimited) .
  • Readings of metering devices (archived and at the moment), automatic sending a property management company.
  • Number of accounts (unlimited) .
  • Number of connected controllers per apartment (no limit) .
  • Face and license plate recognition (unlimited) .
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