How do we work?

Automation is a new step in the history of construction, and we will help you figure it out.

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    Selecting a solution
    Box S | Box M| Box L.

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    We select equipment and prepare project documentation together.

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    We train the staff and negotiate the terms of technical support. Start of the pilot project.

Done! By launching a pilot project, we help you understand how the system works and what steps are needed to automate an apartment building. In the future, you will be able to scale our solution to any of your projects.


And who will support the software? We don't have a technical Department.

If you don't have a technical Department, you can sign a software product support agreement with us. The subscription fee is $5 per apartment.

What does wired and wireless telemetry mean?

There are different methods of automatic transmission of readings from metering devices. One of the most popular is automation on wires, when a wire is laid from each metering device, which is connected to the General distribution system by a riser. The second option is wireless technologies, currently implemented on the basis of LPWAN technology.

What is a Smart apartment and why are there two options - wired and wireless?

Our system is designed so that the user can simultaneously use several smart homes (wired and wireless). Our system supports the most versatile Smart home controllers that can work together.

IP intercom, how exactly does it work?

We output a call from an IP intercom directly to your phone. From now on, you will not need an intercom or a open the front door, you only need a mobile phone. We are constantly updating this module. Soon it will be possible to record short messages via the phone, call the Concierge or a neighbor.

What is Keyless access and how does it work?

Keyless access is another popular feature in smart homes. Our system supports two Keyless access technologies. The first technology is UHF RFID. The most popular option is to activate the entrance door using an RFID tag. The placemark is set up and triggered at a distance of 1 to 2 meters. A resident of the house approaches the door, the antenna reads the label and the door opens. Additionally, you can put a door closer. The second technology is video recognition.

Who supports the hardware?

Hardware support is provided by any service company that the management company enters into a service agreement with. If a failure occurs, the resident contacts the technical support chat, after which the operator finds out what the cause of the failure is. If this is a software problem, we solve it. An hour of technical support for T. one costs $10. In case of equipment failure, the manufacturer is responsible for repairs until the end of the warranty period, and then the service company.

How many hours of free support for each of the fares?

Box S - 5

Box M - 20

Box L - 100

Can we accept subscription fees from sold apartments?

Yes, that's right, you can set your own tariff plan, connect your operator (payment gateway) and accept a subscription fee. The Yandex payment gateway is currently enabled in the system. Or you can make working with your system absolutely free for your clients. This will increase your loyalty and give you a bonus over other developers.

How much do paid support and development hours cost?

Back-end - $30

Front-end - 30$

Design - $20

Consultation - $15

Where can I find out more about each fare?

Price Box S | Box M| Box L

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Write to us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!