The construction work start

Commissioning works are always carried out in a comprehensive manner: checking, tuning, test switching on, identifying defects, evaluating the functioning of individual units and the system as a whole. To start, it is necessary to diagnose each device at the site, create and configure a network card.  

Stages of work

1. Server delivery and configuration

Before starting work at the facility, we purchase and initially configure server hardware. This step installs the local version of the software. A virtual copy of the home is created in the cloud system.

2. Equipment setup

All equipment at the facility is checked for operability and is configured, device firmware is updated.

3. Checking the integrity of a low-current network.

The quality of installation of low-current networks is being checked. A network map is being drawn up..

4.System start

At this stage, unique tokens are generated for registration in the system, embedded in QR codes. These QR codes are transmitted to residents to activate access to the user's personal account. Demo access for the sales department is being created.

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Number of apartments license Commissioning works Departure of a specialist Server Total
Up to 300 $14500 $6200 $2000 $2100 $24800
Up to 600 $29000 $12500 $2000 $2100 $45600
Up to 1000 $48500 $20100 $2000 $2100 $72700
more than 1000 apartments Individually

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