Components of Box (boxed version) - first in its class box solution for construction companies. The platform consists of microservices and different online services.

Video recognition

The system automatically selects the faces in the video stream and identifies them in the program database. The system recognizes faces up to 3 meters away and allows you to open doors remotely. When a resident approaches the entrance group, the door opens automatically.

Car license plate recognition

The program automatically detects and recognizes license plates that are in the field of view of the video camera. If the number of the approaching car is entered in the database, the barrier opens automatically.

RFID for input group management

RFID is a technology for automatically identifying objects. The system consists of a reader and an RFID tag. The innovation has found its application in the management of the input group. For convenience, residents are issued RFID cards, the radio signal from which is picked up by a reader. Residents ' cars are also equipped with RFID tags. At the entrance to the house territory, the signal is read by a reader and the barrier opens automatically. The response distance is from 1-3 meters.

IP intercom and remote access to the input group

The call panel is placed on the input group, the signal from which comes to the apartment monitor or mobile device, PC. You can answer the user and open the front door from any of them. You can accept calls on any device (smart watch, mobile phone, PC), even if you are far from home, and open doors remotely. IP-intercom performs the function of video surveillance. An internal intercom that connects the system allows you to communicate with neighbors and conduct video conversations, for example, with the Concierge.

Smart home

Automation of lighting and climate control equipment, control of sockets, household appliances and multimedia allows you to free up time for important tasks and cope with routine daily worries effortlessly. Security management in a smart apartment is carried out using various tools, one of which is emergency response sensors (CO2 sensor, water leak sensor, motion sensor, window and door sensors, temperature and humidity sensors).

Smart meters/Telemetry

In the Smart home system, meter readings are read automatically. The telemetry system is used on individual and shared networks. The system supports several smart meter manufacturers.

Notifications and communications

Large-scale automation of home systems and household management requires clear operation of all components and well-established communication. The T. one platform provides several services for communication and solving technical problems: house-wide, apartment-by-apartment chats for residents and management companies, a system for sending applications to the CC, and a chat with technical support specialists.

Billing system

A billing module has been added for convenient acceptance of subscription fees for using the system. This module is universal and supports connecting various payment gateways.

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