Functional solution for business class objects. The technologies included in BOX M allow you to compete with elite real estate at an optimal price.

Box M modules

1. Chat (general, chat with Public Utilities, chat with tech support, apartment-by-apartment chats)

2. Telemetry (wireless solution)

3. Smart Home

4. IP intercom

5. CRM system for public utilities

6. Tech support

7. Billing

8. Video surveillance

Additional functions

1. Consulting

2. Updating the functionality no more than 20 hours

3. Assistance in selecting equipment for the pilot project

4. Configuring and running the system on servers

What you get

1. A ready-made platform for automating your objects. Pay once, use without limits

2. A tool for monetization of objects using a subscription fee

Cost of a boxed solution Box M:
$ 63705

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Interested in the boxed solution Box

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