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Chat & message
in a property management company

The platform provides services for communication and solving technical problems: chats, a system for sending applications to the proparty management company, assistant bots (intercom bot-code, post-terminals bot-code).


Articles from the company "T. one" on the topic of high technologies, news of construction and housing and communal services, events in the field of IT, etc. News appears regularly and is available to all members of the system.

Smart meter
(water, heat and electricity)

The system transfers meter readings automatically. Telemetry is used on individual and community-wide networks. supports various types of smart meters (heat, water, electricity). In the free version of, the ability to send readings to the property managment company in automatic mode, as well as view the current data of metering devices, is connected. Added viewing and downloading of your readings archive to the paid version.


On the entrance group there is a video door station, the signal from which comes to the video Intercom monitoring tablet, SIP phone or mobile device. You can answer the visitor and open the front door from any of them. Take calls on mobile devices and open doors remotely, even when you are far from home. Additionally, the IP intercom performs the function of video surveillance. In the paid version of, you can receive video calls on your phone without limiting your conversation. Only audio calls are available in the free version.


You can view any number of cameras in real time. The archive of records is stored locally in the DVR, which is located at the facility (in the house) in the server room. The implementation of the function of viewing the archive in the mobile application is not planned. View the records, a period from one week to two months is available, depending on the installed equipment. To view the archive, please contact your the property management company.

Video recognition

The system automatically selects in the video stream and identifies the persons. The equipment (intercom door station ) recognizes faces at a distance of up to 3 meters and allows you to open doors remotely. When a resident approaches the door, the door opens automatically. The program recognizes license plates that come into the field of view of the video camera. If the number of the approaching car is entered in the database, the barrier opens automatically.

Keyless access

RFID is a technology for automatically identifying objects. The system consists of a reader and an RFID tag. The innovation has found application in the management of the entrance group. For convenience, residents are issued RFID cards, the radio signal from which is captured by the reader. Residents' cars are also equipped with RFID tags. When the car approaches the local area, the barrier opens automatically. Sensing distance 1-3 meters.

Smart home/flat/apartment

Automation of lighting and climate control equipment, control of sockets, household appliances and multimedia makes it possible to free up time for important matters and cope with the daily routine playfully. Security management in a smart apartment is carried out using various tools, one of which is emergency sensors (CO2 sensor, water leakage sensor, motion sensor, sensors for windows and doors, temperature and humidity sensors).

Smart parking

Entry to the parking area using keyless access (video recognition, RFID UHF), online tracking of free spaces, parking sensors, reservation of a place.

Private office for a property management company

Collection and unloading of readings of apartment and general house meters, device monitoring.

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